Catch-up 2012: January

*Insert obligatory comment about how I haven’t blogged in forever and I can’t believe I haven’t posted since August and I’m the worst blogger ever.*


Gosh, even when I did post last it was political, and before that, about couponing, consignment sales, etc.  And while I know my blog doesn’t need to be a day-to-day journal of my life, it IS kind of nice to be able to look back on it in that way.  So … I’m going to bore you with a re-cap of sorts.  Of like, the whole year.  Sorry.  🙂  I’ll do a post for each month to break it up!

January 2012.  Not too much was going on.  My mom was still going through chemo.  Hope was playing with her BFF while my BFF watched her while my mom had appointments.  One of my mom’s high school friends passed and we attended her funeral.  My BFF’s mom had a lumpectomy (yes more breast cancer – UGH.)  Joe Paterno died.

I never did post here about the whole PSU / Sandusky scandal business.  I really did want to.  At this point it’s old news and I’ll be brief.  Glad Sandusky got his due.  Sad they fired Joe.  I understand that he could have done more, but I still feel like he and the football program at large were made into scapegoats.  Think the NCAA sanctions were / are WAY too strict.  I don’t 100% trust the Freeh report / findings, especially with news that has come out about it over the past several months.  And I don’t think they should have taken Joe’s statue down.  Anyway, as a PSU alum, the whole thing sucks / sucked and really did sadden me.  If you didn’t go there, you don’t understand.  Period.

We had the winter’s one and only snow in January.  My mom got Hope a sled and boots for Christmas; by BFF handed a great snow-suit down to us.  All of it got used exactly once.  *sigh*  Here’s a picture!


Or two!


Or three!  She really liked eating the icy snow a lot!


And Hubby turned 37 in January!


I know – I should have my own show on cake-baking.  And decorating.  And inserting candles.  I mean, it’s totally fabulous, right?  LOL.


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