Monday, Monday

So … my original intent with this blog was to document / discuss what it was like to be raising my young daughter and caring for my elderly mother at the same time. (Myself being the “sandwich generation.”)  I haven’t done a good job of that at all.  I’ve found it difficult mainly because I didn’t make the blog anonymous.  People read it and know me, know my mom … and I didn’t want to feel like I was “bashing” my mom in any way … or that people would read my stories and then see her in person the next week and be thinking about what I said about her.  Things she, of course, would not know.  It doesn’t seem fair.  I don’t trust myself to be eloquent enough to state things gently or diplomatically.  And I’m not sure I want to.  If someone else in the same situation is reading this, looking for someone to relate to, someone going through the same thing as they are … and I’m making things sound better or easier than they are … well, who is that helping? And if I can’t really vent … it’s not really therapeutic for me in any way either.

And I’m not clever enough to make it funny.  Although sometimes I need to laugh to cope!!!  I just said to my husband yesterday, when you’re not here (he travels for work a lot) I have nobody to laugh about it with!  ‘Cause there is a LOT of crazy and a lot of, “if I don’t laugh at that I, too, will be crazy.”

So today I have an excellent sandwich generation tale that is rather benign and that I am able to laugh about.  I’m working on potty training the little one.  I put panties on her today.  In the span of 4 hours, she wet 5 pairs of panties AND managed to pee all over the bathroom floor.  In the middle of all that, my mom started vomiting!  Very unusual … she hasn’t thrown up in literally years.  So here I am, sandwiched between pee and vomit today.  The little one in the bathroom, on the potty, trying to be a Big Kid.  The grandma on the couch throwing up in the trash can.  Running back and forth.  Wiping up pee.  Rinsing out the trash can.

Yep, it’s been a fun Monday.  But I will take it over the “crazy” … the forgetfulness … the confusion … the nastiness … that some days bring.


One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. Oh my. THat does not sound like fun at all. Sorry to hear!! I won’t give you the usual “You can do it” cheer – b/c that can not be a fun situation – but I won’t lie, I did laugh when I read it b/c of how you wrote it – so you did succeed in that 😉 Get through today … tomorrow’s a new day!

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