Getting Organized in the New Year

I’m a fairly organized person.  I used to be really, super-organized … not sure what happened, exactly … but I’d like to be really organized again.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, per se, but I do usually take a look at things at the start of a new year, think about what I’d like to change, think about what I’d like to accomplish, etc.

What I do love to make are lists!  Yep, I’m a list-maker for sure.  Sometimes I think if I spent time doing the tasks I need to do instead of making lists, the tasks would be done!  But then I couldn’t check them off of my list.  LOL.

I found this great website this past year called Families with Purpose.  It’s right up my alley because they have lots of templates for lists, schedules, menus, family plans, etc.  Here are the ones I printed off today with a view toward getting more organized!

Daily Routine Template:  I made up my own daily routine chart this past fall.  I wasn’t very good at sticking to it, and I’d like to try again.  I know that it will be a good way to achieve some goals if I can just get myself into these routines.  For example, one of my goals is to keep the house more clean and organized.  So I will put cleaning time into my daily routine / schedule, with a different room each day.  Not only will this help me to achieve my goal, but if I do it faithfully, I won’t need to spend time cleaning on the weekends when we could be doing a family activity, for example.  This Household Cleaning Schedule will help, too!

I printed this Family Schedule template, too.  Just a look at the whole week as opposed to just one day.

I also printed this Screen Time Tracking Chart.  I doubt I will actually track it, because I already know that Hope watches way too much TV and I spend way too much time on the computer!  Again, implementing the daily routine / schedule will set limits for these activities and have times set aside for things like playing together, crafts, reading, and outdoor play.

Here’s the link to the Families With Purpose page that lists all of their free printables.  I hope you find something there that can help you to get more organized, too!


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