Catch Up #2 Part 2

How is it that I can only blog once every 3 months or so … and then twice in one day?  I have no idea.  It’s the Gemini in me, I suppose!

So I won a raffle for 4 free music classes for Hope (& me) and she really loved going!  I probably would have signed her up for the summer session, but the place the teacher was holding the class closed suddenly, so it was cancelled.  I’m hoping she has a new place right around here for the fall!

Here’s my sweetie girl on Memorial Day.

And at a local carnival:

We splurged on passes to Sesame Place this season.  I figured Hope was pretty much the right age to start going.  Actually we got a really good deal on the passes – $66 each!  Anyway, we were there twice in July – once in the evening for the nighttime parade and fireworks; and once in the daytime, just her and me.  We only went on the carousel and saw the parade and played in the water for a little bit … then it rained.  😦  But we will definitely be going back more this season!

July 14th was my mom’s 80th birthday!  On the 22nd we had a party for her on the New Hope / Ivyland Railroad.  Other than being ridiculously hot, it went really well!!  Our camera is broken and I had to use other people’s cameras at the party.  😦  Hopefully I will have some digital pics to share soon.

That’s pretty much all the news that’s fit to print!  Or that I can think of at this late hour.  Ciao.


One thought on “Catch Up #2 Part 2

  1. I love the Big Bird photos! It sounds like everyone had a great time at your mom’s party. Sorry to have missed it. We MUST have girl time with Heather and catch up soon.

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