Catch Up

It’s been mostly the same old, same old around here.  Mom is feeling about the same — weak and very tired.  Everything tastes bad so she’s been having trouble eating.  She has chemo coming up on Tuesday, and then hopefully she’ll be done with it, at least for a while.

Miss Hope turns 2 on the 29th and her party will be next Saturday!  We’re just doing a small, mostly kid party at home.  Hope is wild about “Yo Gabba Gabba,” so it will be a Gabba-rific day!  We have great party supplies and decorations, activities off of, and lots of fun plans!!  I can’t wait!

We’ve been going to My Gym for the past 3 weeks.  They offered a Groupon several months ago that I snatched up, and finally just signed her up.  She really likes it!  As with everything, it took her a time or 2 to get used to some of the things there, but she gets more comfortable and better at the activities each time!  Yesterday, out of the blue, she did a somersault right on the living room floor!  LOL!  We only have 1 more week of the classes I already paid for, so we’ll see after that.  It’s $75 for 4 weeks which I think is pretty steep.  If you only go to the scheduled class, that’s almost $20 an hour!  You can, however, also go to Free Play sessions during the week.  If you go to a couple of those, I guess the price is better …

I’m also going to sign her up for swimming at the Y again.  We did it last spring and summer, and I don’t want her to completely forget everything!  Much more economical, too, at $37 for 8 weeks!

The weather has been turning nicer and it feels so good to get to be outside more!  We had a great day Friday – went shopping with a friend in the early afternoon, and spent much of the late afternoon outside playing.  It is so much fun to see Hope grow and learn, hear the funny and smart things she says, watch and hear her giggle when I bounce her big blue ball as high as I can.  What a joy!

So … cleaning this weekend, Hope’s party next … then packing and preparing in April, because we’re moving April 30th!  We all went up to the office and signed the new lease yesterday.  We’re getting a completely renovated 3 bedroom townhouse here in our same complex.  I am SO looking forward to the extra bedroom, extra bath and larger living room!  We will definitely sacrifice some space to get that extra bedroom — we’ll lose the great laundry room we have now; we’ll gain a small foyer and coat closet, but lose an upstairs hall closet.  The linen closet is half the size.  Our bedroom closet will be smaller and so will Hope’s.  But … Hope and my mom will have their own rooms; Eric and I will have a master bath; the living room is huge; and EVERYTHING will be NEW!!  Can’t wait.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!  Happy Spring!!!  And don’t forget to go get your free Rita’s today!


2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. This was a GREAT Catch up – I can’t wait for the Gabba Party!!!! We re-joined BJ’s this week because now that I have 7 kids and a couple of 4 and 5 year olds – the food is disappearing fast . . . anyway, I used coupons to get PB and J, and the bulk packs had raspberry with no seeds and apricot – two of Mom’s faves, so I am bringing them to her . . . maybe that will help her eat a little : P
    Will def plan to help April 30th and have realized that I won’t be clearing out Mom’s storage bin – but was thinking that I should bring the bureaus and after that we should decide what to sell and then get a smaller storage unit, which if I rent a truck and drive it there – we could get a unit there????

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