Happy New Year

I read somewhere recently that, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, you should make commitments.  It’s a different mind-set … being committed to something instead of just, “This year I’m going to do xyz” and then never getting around to it.  I’ve committed to go to church every week.  I used to be very involved in my churches, and I’ve been saying for years that I need to get back to church and get involved.  I miss it.  And I want Hope to have that in her life.  So that is my big one for this year.  There are lots of little ones, too, one of which is to blog more regularly!!

So, as a quick recap … Thanksgiving was nice.  My sister’s fiance was sick, so they didn’t come, but 2 of my 3 nephews came for dinner.  It was good to see them and we had a nice dinner.

The time leading up to Christmas was great, too!  My Mom has been feeling OK other than being very tired.  I love putting up the decorations and taking time to gaze at the tree.  We saw Santa (much to Hope’s dismay!) and did cards and baked cookies and all of that good holiday season stuff!  I did my shopping over time this year, some on layaway, some online, and just a few last minute things.  I didn’t feel rushed or pressured at all.  I did, however, leave all of the wrapping until Christmas Eve day, and I’m not doing that again!  I spent the entire day wrapping.  Eric was off and we should’ve been doing something as a family.  We did go to church and then drove around looking at lights.

Santa came and was very good to Hope!  She is still at the stage where she rips one thing open and then wants to open the package and play with it … so it took her a loooong time to open up her gifts!  My sister and her fiance made it for dinner and we had a nice day and evening.  I made a ham and it came out yummy!

Quiet New Year’s at home with our friends / neighbors and their 3 little guys.  We mostly played Wii (Eric got it for Christmas!) and then watched the ball drop.

It’s snowing this morning!  We got about 8 or 10 inches the day after Christmas.  What was left of it was dirty and gross, so I’m glad to get a nice white coating on top of it!  They’re only calling for 1-3 inches.

This weekend I’ll be packing up the Christmas stuff.  I love Christmas, but can’t wait to get everything cleaned up and organized!  After a few weeks it’s just too much clutter.

Hope is 21 months old now!  She’s a cutie, talking up a storm, singing, and saying the cutest things.  The other day we were sitting on the couch and my mom was lying on the other couch (we have 2 loveseats, actually) and she said, “Nanny beautiful.”  I said yes, Nanny is beautiful, and then she said, “Mommy beautiful.”  Aaawww.  I said, “Thank you, honey, and you’re beautiful too!”  So then she was saying, “Nanny beautiful, Mommy beautiful, Hope beautiful.”  So cute.  Later that same day, she was asking for yogurt.  I said we were out of yogurt.  And she said, “Wawa.”  LOL.  (If anyone not local is reading this, Wawa is a convenience store like 7-11.)  She also specifically requested a TV show for the first time about a week or so ago.  That show is “Yo Gabba Gabba” which she just calls Gabba Gabba.  Luckily it’s On Demand and I can let her watch it from time to time even if it’s not on “live.”

Oh, and I got a Flip video camera for Christmas, so now we have Hope videos!  I’m in the process of putting them on YouTube; and I’ve put some up on my FB page, too.

Now that the holidays are over, I’m already concentrating on the next two big things:  Hope’s 2nd birthday; and our move!  Oh, yes, we are moving!  Within the same complex, but we are getting a 3 bedroom townhouse.  It will be completely refurbished with brand new bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, windows, etc.  It won’t give us a ton more space, but at least my mom and Hope will each have their own room.  And it will be nice to have the upgraded appliances, granite countertops, ceramic tile, etc.  I am really looking forward to it!

Well, I think that’s the update!  So, Happy New Year, friends!  My wish for you is that it is truly happy and healthy, and maybe even prosperous!  (Darn it – I didn’t win that big Mega Millions jackpot!  LOL.)


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Stacia – Great update … lot’s of info to take in! LOL! I like that HOPE is about 1 yr older than Julianna so I know what to look forward to for next christmas! 🙂 Christmas time is so much fun! But yeh I agree that it feels good to take down the decorations. I had our tree down last weekend – would have been sooner than that but we had to work. I like to go back to normal after everything over. 🙂
    Looks like you guys had a great christmas! Glad to hear Mom is doing ok … tired but OK.

    • Skye – I have to tell you what happened today! I was taking down the Christmas cards (I tape them up around our dining room doorway). Hope pointed up to your card and said, “Julianna!” Is that too cute, or what?? 🙂

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