I am convinced that 98% of drivers do not understand the meaning of the word yield and, in turn, do not understand what to do when they see a YIELD sign.

Present company excluded, of course.  I’m sure you know what it means.  LOL.

For everyone else, though, I’d like to offer this free tutorial.  Please – take advantage of this offer now!  Otherwise I may lose my mind!

First of all, I only got 1 question wrong on my written drivers’ test.  It was regarding the YIELD sign.  That’s how I now know what you’re supposed to do at a YIELD sign.

The color of the sign is your first clue.  Like a STOP sign, a WRONG WAY sign, a DO NOT ENTER sign or the traffic light that tells us to stop, it is red.  Do you have to stop?  No, otherwise there would be a STOP sign there.  But you do have to yield to oncoming traffic.  That means … if there’s nothing coming, you don’t have to stop.  If there is anything coming, you do.  It’s not that difficult.

I think people somehow confuse yielding and merging.  Most of the time, (maybe even all of the time?) there is a YIELD sign when you are merging onto a road, like from the turnpike exit for example.  Guess what that means?  YOU – the person doing the merging – have to yield to ME, the driver already driving on the road YOU are merging onto!  If I am able, and I am a good driver, and I am a nice person, I will get over into the left lane and let you merge in.  But do I have to?  NO!  Again, YOU are supposed to be yielding to ME.  It’s actually not my job to let you in.  Do NOT speed up and merge into my lane in front of me and make me slam on the brakes!  Do NOT force your way in because you think I should immediately get into the left lane to accommodate you.  Maybe I NEED to be in the right lane to turn in 500 feet.  SHEESH.

Let’s learn the rules and try to follow them, people.

Thank you.

This has been a rant – er – Public Service Announcement.


One thought on “YIELD

  1. I love it and so true! Please, you really expect someone to yield when they are in the middle of a full blown texting conversation or turning around to yell at their kids in the back seat?? Hahaha!
    It is amazing the # of dummies on the road that do not have a care in the world. I guess that’s why there are so many bad accidents. Ugh!

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